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Help Problem...all of a sudden can't set MP3's as ringtones...


Feb 6, 2011
Hey there,

had my Desire for just over a week, everything's been great. Have had MP3's set for my ringtone and SMS tone since i got it, (are in ''music'' folder on sd card). Then last night i had to clear the data on ChompSMS (not sure if this has anything to do with it) after it kept bringing back deleted texts...so afterwards as I was resetting the notification settings in Chomp i noticed that where there had previously been an option to choose system ringtones or MP3s, there is now just a list of the system's tones...(Ripple, etc) so i went into Settings>Personalize and also Settings>Sound and it is the same...the option to use an MP3 as a ringtone or notification is completely gone...how did this happen? :thinking:

Before, if i recall correctly, there had been a list that said 'Default' (whichever sound had been set) then something like 'system tones' and then 'Music'...now there is just 'phone ringtones' and a list of the standard android sounds... The music player still works fine though.
How can i fix this?

any help appreciated, thanks.


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