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Help Problem transferring phone contacts from Samsung Galaxy S3 to Panasonic link to cell


Jul 31, 2010
I am following the instructions to transfer my Samsung Galaxy S3 contacts to the Panasonic kx-tg7641 series phone. I registered the phone just fine. I can make and receive calls with it just fine. But I cannot get any phone number to transfer but my own cell number to the Panasonic.

I did notice that when I start the transfer process my "connected" changes to just "paired" on the Samsung. After it only transfers my own phone number from the cell to the Panasonic and says it is completed, then the "paired" status changes back to "connected" status.

Is there any special commands the Samsung should be bringing up to transfer ALL contacts with phone numbers? How do I get this to work? I've spent over 2 hours on this already and only have found one other post on this problem but it was no help.
A quick reading of the manual (page 54) says 1 number at a time.

I looked at the manual page 54 again and do not see what you are quoting. However, it doesn't even do that. I tried several times and the ONLY number that is transferred each time is My Own cell number. It says it takes 3,050 phone book entries so I really doubt that the 1 at a time is what you read but even with that theory, it still just does the same one over and over (mine)
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Hi, are you transferring the SIM card to the Panasonic? Phil

No, just trying to transfer the contacts (address book). The Panasonic is supposed to do it automatically and it appears to start but the only number it does is mine. It calls it My Name. And it transfers my cell number.

The other thing I think is strange is that during the process, it starts off as "connected", but once the process begins it quickly changes to just "paired" and then once it thinks it is done transferring numbers (just the one-mine) it automatically goes back to "connected". (I'm seeing all this on the Samsung while I'm watching trying to figure out what is going wrong. Does this seem normal to you?
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