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Root Pros/ Cons of updating to OTA Gingerbread


Android Expert
Jun 15, 2010
Please correct me if I am wrong and help me out here.

-OTA Gingerbread will leave you unable to root until hacked.
-You can update OTA GB if you are rooted and on OTA Froyo?
-Do you need to delete any downloaded ROMs(not in use)?
-You need to un-freeze and have present on the phone all stock apps, especially the bloatware apps.

Cool. Got it. Was gonna wait for the smoke to clear anyway. But i wanted to make sure for me and for others that don't follow this stuff too closely. On a scale of 1-10, i'm probably a 4 on the knowledge meter. I like to read about all this stuff but don't always do the stuff or put the knowledge into permanent memory. I like knowing this stuff but I don't but a big emphasis on it in my life.
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