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Ps3 cod mw2


Jan 21, 2010
All right... plans for playing cards fell through tonight. I will be playing Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 tonight instead on the PS3.

My PSN ID is thatjerk.

Feel free to add me as a friend on your PS3 if you wanna play, just mention the Android forums when sending your friend request otherwise I may not accept your request.

I figure my adroid pals won't let me down... Game on:D!
Same here twice already but my bud won one from some FutureShop contest over in Canada and she was nice enough to give it to me when mine went pow pow. Final Fantasy is coming out for the ps3 if your a big fan eh.

"Mr Aldo Ao2" if any xbox players out there.
imma send you a invite now :D

Hunttakilla is my gammer tag on 360 any one else wanna get shot
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