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Root [Public Mobile] Phone Overheat, massive battery drain

Sometimes I leave my phone in my pocket during class and by the end of the class (1-2h) later my phone is extremely hot and the battery drained massively (from 80 to like 15). It happened when I was on stock rom, I flashed the voltron rom and still have this issue. I found a thread on some interesting configurations to do in setcpu that varies depending on battery temperature but I guess that didn't help.
So I'm asking you guys if anyone else experience the same problem? And do you have any solution to that?
did you flash noob? it has boost firmware in it that you wouldn't be able to wipe... that link to the firmware i posted on my rom thread should remedy the situation... so flash the pmi b08 firmware and then in the recovery wipe every thing and reinstall voltron and start from scratch... let me know if it helps... also the bug you are describing is very common when using bosst software/firmware on a public n860... check in voltage control to see if the cpu clocks at maximum speed continuously as opposed to varying between minimum and maximum speed according to demand...
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no I didn’t flash n00b, I flashed warp cream sandwich (not sure which version tho), and yes the voltage was continuously on max like you said!
So I did what you said, I flashed the b08, just wiped the cache and dalvik since I need some stuff on the phone for now. But it did help, the voltage fluctuate from min to max now so I’ll continue to use it this way if it happens again, I’ll wipe everything and reinstall!
Thanks for your great support!
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