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Help Pulse opening and PC Suite problem


Feb 9, 2010
when i'll connect my pulse to my computer, it is shown in "my computer" like removable disk, but i cannot open it. Also have problems with PC Suite. My pulse is listed in device manager as "t-mobile 3g phone adb interface" but PC Suite does NOT recognise it.

EDIT: sometimes when someone is calling me, i cannot hear the sound, but i can hear it (sound) on earphone very quietly. And sometimes when telephone is on table, or something like that, the touchscreen not respond, when i take the phone in my hands touchscreen works.

Hiya M8, I think i may be able to help you wit your first problem, I found when i first connected my pulse to the pc it would show up as a f: drive in my computer but when i clicked on it nothing would happen. Well the solution was.....

Follow these steps:

1. plug into pc
2. Click the notification bar on the phone (top of screen its the grey bar where all the network signal and battery indicator is) then click it and you have to give the pc acces to the phone simple as that!!

it worked fine for me then :)

let me know how you get on..
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I can't say anything about the sound, but as it's a capacitive screen you do need to be touching the phone at a point other then the screen for an electrical circuit to be created, and the touch registered.

I don't use a PC so can't help with the PC Suite thing, but muscleman is spot on with his advice, until you mount the SD card through the notification, you can't view or transfer anything to the phone.
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Thank you muscleman and Muuurgh. I mount the SD card through the notification and then i was able to open in "my computer".

Now i have one more problem: After few seconds of normal ringing, the sound is shutting and i cannot hear the sound, but i can hear it (sound) on earphone very quietly. This happens sometimes, not always.
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