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Puzzle game of drawing different shapes.

Alok Singh

Feb 18, 2016
Hello Friends,

I have been playing a game called Brain Dead: Crayon Puzzle since last 2 days and found it to be interesting enough. This is a very unique game and even i like the sound in the game. Th rule is easy but found it difficult in many levels as there is definitely a trick involved to this.

I am sharing the link with you so that you too can enjoy this amazing drawing some shapes game :


The features of this game are really good :
Brain Dead: Crayon Puzzle features:
1) Draw shapes to clear the levels
2) Focus and determination is highly valued
3) Levels are frustrating sometimes, but fully engaging with brain riddle levels
4) Some levels have bump two balls concept
5) In some levels you have to bump two balls in the single jar
6) Perfect Brain exercise
7) Every level comes with new brain challenge
8) You can improve your score by trying to solve the brain riddle as early as possible
9) You can draw only a single shape to complete the target

Hope as i did like the game , you too will enjoy this


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