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Question about Android Market


Android Expert
Nov 15, 2009
Houston, TX
When I went to clear the cache from my market, there was an option that I have never seen before. It says "Uninstall updates." Was there an update to the market itself, and if so what's so different? What will happen if I uninstall updates?

Thanks in advance.

The update, at least for T-Mobile users, allows you to buy with either your credit card (via Google Checkout), or it will charge to your T-Mobile bill.
Just making an assumption here.
Probably the issue is with OTA updates of the Android OS. There are updates to programs that only work with specific versions like 1.5, 1.6, etc., so uninstalling an update may make the program function after it's been broken by the update until you can get your Android version updated.
But, what you've pointed out makes me happy that they've added those features.
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