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Quickie review of Steinheil screen protector


Android Expert
Dec 4, 2009
Meh, seems okay.

A few small bubbles, 'prolly my fault. No biggie, can't really see them when the screen is on.

Although the standard Verizon screen protectors don't cover the whole face,I seemed to be able able to squeegee them all out. Also, the feel of the screen wasn't as slick as with the VZ protectors, it was more sticky/resistant when sliding.

I'll hope protection will be what sells me on the Steinheil
I have no bubbles. Did have some with the prior install that couldn't be squeezed out but they were due to lint/dust trapped between the protector and the screen.

Yeah, I'm thinking it was caused by dust. It seems like I wa moving it to the edge, but when I lifted the squeegee card it was back.

I also think if I keep trying I'll start to scratch the protector
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