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Help re a problem connecting to my laptop


Android Enthusiast
Sep 1, 2012
Kennewick Wa
I just got this ZTE n9510 Warp 4g phone today. I am trying to move my phone list from the Kyocera Hydro (old phone) to the new ZTE Phone. The hydro phone is rooted and talking to the laptop just fine. But I can't get the ZTE to talk to the laptop via the usb cable. When I plugged in the usb cable for the 1st time I followed the instructions in the manual to install the drivers from the ZTE to my laptop. That completed fine. When I touch "connect to pc" in the phone settings I get the menu connect to pc, media device, camera. When I put the phone in "connect to pc software" I see the phone drive letter on my laptop but I can't open the drive. I put the phone on ether media device or camera in the phone, the drive letter for the phone in the laptop goes away. I am stumped. I had no problems connecting the hydro phone to the laptop the 1st time. OOOO other then the ZTE not talking to the laptop the phone works fine otherwise. I could use some help please.

A ps win7 is seeing the phone when the phone is in the "connect to pc software" mode as if the phone is a cd-rom drive with ether a blank or no cd in the drive. A thought I am woundering if the 2gb flash card I put is ether bad or needing to be formated?



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