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Reactivate LG OPTIMUS M


Dec 20, 2011
hi guys! this is my very first post but I have been checking this site out for the longest time. first of all, i would just like to thank all the developers and helpers in this forum. second of all, i've been able to do lots of things with my phone because of this website. awesome!

here's my situation:

i had an lg optimus m, then the htc wildfire s for metro came out so i bought that and my lg optimus m got deactivated.

so now i figured i have an extra phone to play around with without risking too much.

so i downgraded my optimus to 2.2.1 and rooted it. i flashed it with CM7 as well. in the process of flashing i bricked my phone, but was able to unbrick it using LGNPST. then, i accidentally zeroed out my stuff without knowing what those numbers were prior to the process. after doing some more research in this forum, i was able to retrieve these numbers (esn/meid, mdn, etc.), but like i said earlier, i'm not sure if those were the original numbers that i had in the first place. the last 4 digits of the phone number showing are 4387, which i don't know where they came from.

so everything looks good on my rooted and CM7-flashed lg optimus m.
my question is: can i reactivate the lg optimus m and use it again instead of using the htc wildfire s without being certain of the esn/meid, mdn #s, etc.?

i hope someone can answer this long post and help me out. thank you again!
Sorry my last post didn't go through, does you're current meid match that of the one behind the battery?

hello yahhboy. thank you so much for responding!

when i check my phone's status in "about phone" it shows only one type of meid number which looks like this: A00000XXXXXXXX.

the meid behind the battery is a long 18-digit meid dec which is also the one posted on the box.

when i checked whiterabbit.org and input the first meid with A00000XXXXXXXX one of the results will match my 18-digit meid dec. then to check again, i input the 18-digit meid dec and one of the results will match my meid with A00000XXXXXXXX.

does that mean i'm good to go?
and if i am, does that mean i can flash back to stock rom, bring it to metro, get the htc wildfire s deactivated, and get the optimus m activated again?
also, is there a way that i can just do all of this myself and not have to bring it to metro?

thanks again!
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Oh you're already on whiterabbit good :) so when you put your meid on whiterabbit you then matched everything else up too on qpst like the esn?

Once you have everything matched up then yes you can change lines through metros website or by dialing *228 however the hidden menus in the cm7 roms do not work so you may have to switch to sense rom or kelsomod to reprogram your phone. Try in cm7 first, and if that fails just make a nandroid backup and flash to a 2.2 rom to program your phone then just restore you're recovery.
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