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Accessories Rearth Ringke Atrix Case Review


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Nov 6, 2009
So I got contacted in a PM from this person asking me if Id be willing to check out their case. I saw they only had one post and I thought it was spam at first. Im used to getting PM's about getting free iPad's and whatnot so I figured this was part of the mix. They wanted my name and address to ship me a case to try and review. Cant trust anyone these days asking for your personal information right?

Then I clicked the link under the signature of the sender. Rearth was the company I got linked to. I had never heard of this company before and wasnt sure if I was still involved with a ruse or not. Then I did some digging and found that this was a new company to the US making cases for popular phones and other devices.

I figured why not and PM'd back my information. I promptly got an email thanking me for taking part of the review process and was given a tracking number for the case.

Unfortunately, they put my address on the shipment incorrectly. I watched the shipment daily in my tracker as it went from their warehouse, to my local post office, only to see the next label as shipped back to sender for bad address. Oh well, I thought it was too good to be true and was still under the impression it was too good to be true.

I emailed the person I was in contact with what had happened and they apologized and said a new case was being shipped out immediately. Needless to say, a new one was shipped and I actually received it today.

After all the said and done, the first word I can use to describe the case is "Impressive".

The packaging was very nice and was able to see the case distinctly through the packaging. When I opened up the box, a little bag fell out with the case. This is apparently something exclusive to Rearth that I hadnt seen before but is one of those "Duh, why didnt I think of that" type things. The bag contained two little audio jack caps(one white and one clear). They fit very nicely into the audio jacks and are flush with the case when its all installed. I very rarely use my audio jack so it was nice to have something to close it up so lint or other stuff dont get inside.

I didnt have choice of color for the case but luckily I am a fan of yellow and it looks good on the phone. First thing I noticed about the case was how flexible it is and yet protective feeling at the same time. There are many flexible cases on the market that slip over the phone and feel like they would tear within a matter of days and justify the $1.99 you paid on ebay for it. This case however is not in the same league, its way above that.

The case is made from a very high quality silicone and it really feels like it. I really like that its got a texture to it but its not sticky either. Its hard to describe in words. Its slippery enough to slide in and out of your jean pocket easily without pulling out lint(a la Otterbox), but has a very fine coarseness to it that fingers cling to so that it wont be dropped too easily either.

Im used to using hard cases on all my phones that clip in and out of a holster(Seidio cases specifically) so this is my first experience using a softer silicone case. I like that it fits the phone perfectly without any flimsiness. The volume buttons are covered, but raised to feel the individual up and down, but the cutouts for all the other parts are precision cut. The cutout for the fingerprint reader is angled properly all the microphone and speaker ports are perfect. And like I previously mentioned, having the little cap in the audio port matches up perfectly and is a great feature. This little cap I have found, will work with other cases as well.

After using this case for much of the day I feel that I will be using this more and more as my daily case instead of the Seidio. I really like that the Seidio fits into the belt clip perfectly but I dont use that too often. And the Rearth case seems like it might protect it better with my daily tossing and dropping of the phone than the hard Seidio case.

Dont get me wrong, I still love my Seidio cases, but if I were going to put my money down on a silicone case for my phone or other device, it would definitely be from Rearth. I highly recommend this case to anyone in the market for a moderately priced silicone case. Keep an eye on this company, they are here to stay.

Check out the Atrix stuff here ~> Atrix





Good review. I also received the email but since I really don't use cases of any kind, I skipped replying. Looks like a nice soft case for those in the market for one.

I was contacted, did reply and received the case today. This is a well made product, and I really like the way it feels in your hand - kind of gritty, rather than being slippery (it's hard to describe) . It's a soft cover, rather than the hard covers on Otterbox and Seidio - and that may be better if you happen to drop it, being less brittle.

The case they shipped me is either black or slate grey - kind of hard to tell from the color chart - and was very easy to put on. I would say it's protection factor is about the same as the Seidio case. Mine didn't come with a plug for the headphone - no biggie, I don't look gift horses in the mouth.

I plan on keeping and using this case, and would like to get one for my HTC Inspire, as well. They don't appear to be offering one for the Inspire yet, so I'm going to go with the one for the Desire HD.

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I've been looking for a slim case that will allow me to use the laptop dock with the case on. Will this work?

If that question was directed to me, I'm afraid I can't answer it, since I don't have the laptop dock. My *guess* is that it would probably work, since it's a nice tight fit on the phone - but that's just a guess.

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UPDATE:So its been about 2 months exactly and Ive pretty much had this case on the phone 24/7 the whole time.

+saved my phone from multiple drops onto cement without nary a scratch
+still very comfortable to hold
+like how this case slides out of pocket easily but sticky enough not to slide off angled ledges

-Absolutely filthy, most disgusting yellow now. Dont get this color!
-Seems stretched and is more pliable than before. Starting to get annoying when held
-Audio jack cap fell out at some point and didnt notice. Now I dont care. Probably not worth the extra money if its not free.

So thats my update. I think it did fantastic for what it was and the price point for it. However, Im throwing my Seidio case back on since its still black, solid and just looks better.
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