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Recording High Sound Pressure Levels

Been to a few local and national rock shows lately...and to some auto racing events. While the video, with some tweaks, can be pretty good...the sound normally sucks once you cross a certain threshold.

Anyone figure out a trick to get better audio when it's really LOUD???

A future sub-menu item to trim down the audio levels would be awesome HTC!
The problem with recording high sound pressure is the sound waves over oscillate the mic's membrane causing the rattling during recording. I don't know that any software will ever remedy that. A trick I've used with other phones is to place a piece of heavy duty masking tape over the mic. It deflects the sound waves enough to stop the rattling without muffling the recording. I haven't yet had a chance to try it on my Rez but I don't know why it wouldn't work the same way.
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