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Root [Recovery] [Unofficial] Twrp Recovery Maze Speed (ssb504r) android 8.1 go edidion {Obama Phone }


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Hi Everyone,
Been away from development circles at least public ones for a while now.
But I have still been tinkering a bit, anyways I got a free lifeline phone (obama phone) and the one they gave me was a Maze Speed . I found there's development for a device called Maze Alpha but it's a top end device...

this is a budget [ hence free ] phone.
it has a 4 GB rom and like 512 MB of ram
it's running android Go edition 8.1 and it's treble enabled?

but likely will NEVER see an update LMAO

so I set about dumping the firmware and it's mt6580 chipset so spflashtool worked great to get a dump.
anyway after all of that i couldn't find any development or much mention of the device anywhere so I decided to build TWRP for it.

after much banging on my keyboard and starting over I have finally Got a working twrp recovery on my Phone.
Not sure what to do with it, so far I flashed Magisk and that went well I backed up and restored.
I wiped cache and dalvik... all seems to be working.

But I tried to flash a supersu installer and it failed at patching selinux policy...
I believe this is do to the new structure of the android go and oreo treble roms.
and i believe it's a problem with the zip not being compatible so i don't believe it to be any type of bug in my recovery.

AnyHow Since XDA 8E6'd us back when we were breaking all things LG, I thought I'd let this one loose over here.

Enjoy AF users !
If you want to buy me a beer----> paypal.me/teamastr4y4l

Maze Speed Unofficial Twrp Recovery By Astr4y4L of Team Astr4y4L
built with omni sources
device tree built from github twrpbuilder-io script Thanks guys
working kernel torn screaming from the stock boot.img dumped from my device thanks spflashtool and AIK :)


File: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/12ds8JYxFoLIBPEx6e6-7vM_VLoqj4iKG?usp=sharing

I've placed the rom-rip and the TWRP backup in the folder also and everything is updated,
should be good to download as of now: 9:45A.M 12/30/18

STOCK ROM RIP and scatter-file for spflashtool

note: click the download button upper right corner of googledrive page.
Note: also flashing this will wipe all data on your device, and will replace the stock recovery with my latest as of this writing twrp recovery. which in my personal opinion gives you much more options over your device. inside the zip is also a folder labled ( stock ) it has the stock recovery if you need that for any reason...
ALSO after flashing this I'd recommend reboot to recovery by holding the volume up + power keys, and use twrp to do a wipe of cache, dalvik ,and userdata just to make sure everythings right once you reboot to system.

EDIT: fixed a problem mounting /vendor in fstab. it got overlooked when it was rebuilt and updated the other day. if you have used this previously please re-download and use the newer update.
also uploading a TWRP Restore-able backup from my freshly wiped device.
i'll bump the thread when it's ready

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I will at some point when I have the time, also zip up my Stock dump and scatter-file for spflashtool,
may be handy if you flash twrp and then start modding things in the rom...
at least then U can recover it if U brick it.

Evidently theres not much interest in this device....
so I'm going to try to build a ROM for it later lol.

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any link to the stock firmware?
compressing to 7zip and uploading to google drive now,
will post link here shortly.

you will need SPFLASHTOOL
i'm using version ( SP_Flash_Tool_v5.1824_Linux )
but it also worked when I tried from windows
included is a scatter-file
you'll need to leave all files where they are once you unzip the download,
and point spflashtool to the scatter-file.
pull the battery out of phone then put it back in.

start spflashtool while phone is off by pressing the Download button
then hold the volume up button on the phone while plugging in your phone to the pc.
you should see a red bar go across spflashtool, then a yellow bar that says it is flashing.

I'll also upload here later a TWRP " Restore-able" back-up of my device but I'll have to factory reset my device again before makeing a stock back-up for you all.

NOTE: flashing this will put you back to stock but will also replace your stock recovery with my latest updated TWRP recovery.
If for what ever reason you ever need stock recovery look in the unzipped folder and find a folder labled stock and inside is stock recovery.
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Fixed TWRP not mounting /vendor after last source code update.

added link to rom I made from stock dump of my device works with spflash-tool.

added link to a TWRP restore-able back-up of my freshly cleaned device.
It'll get you to stock except the boot will be patched for magisk.
flash my twrp,
use twrp to restore my backup.
reboot finish the setup-wizard
and your rooted with magisk.

BUG: not sure why but some of us experience issues with adb afterwards not recognizing the device...
the work-around to fix...
1: boot to twrp: adb works there.
2: find the location of your adbkey.pub file in linux or windows etc... and push the key to the device
for Mac or linux EXAMPLE:
cd ~/.android
adb push adbkey.pub /data/misc/adb/adb_keys
windows EXAMPLE: Find your adb key location usually in .android
cd C:\Users\{username}\.android
adb push adbkey.pub /data/misc/adb/adb_keys
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just reached out to Maze concerning source code for this device.
I want to build a complete LOS rom for it....
here's what was said...

Astr4y4L said:
Maze Speed SSB504R

Team Astr4y4L
9:22 PM (5 minutes ago)

to media

Hi there Maze team.
I am an android enthusiast and I develop custom roms and Mods for android devices.
I was given one of your devices the Maze Speed SSB504R and I have managed to build and boot a custom Team Win recovery on it.
I have quite a few people who follow my work on various forums and I think there's quite a few who would be excited to see lineage OS on this device.

I was reaching out to see if your company can please provide me with the device tree/ source code and vendor blobs / files to use in building such an operating system.
I will of course give credit for that to your company on all te forums and it will really make you look good to potential consumers.

as a rule, when I go out to buy a new device, I research it to see if it has any official support or aftermarket "roms" etc available for it.
When I see that a device has support from dev.s in the community I put it at the top of my list of new devices to try/buy

I see that your device Maze Alpha has quite a bit of support from the development community, but generally those guys won't bother with a lower end device such as this one.
So I've taken it on my-self to create a custom rom for Maze Speed,
It would be much simpler if you can help me by releasing the source code for the stock firmware ... but if not I will eventually find the right combinations to get the hardware working with my software.

If you can help me with that I will in turn Give you a very good review among all of my followers and peers in the different android forums and circles.

here as a show of good faith I'll share my sources with you.




Now we wait a bit and see if and what they reply...
either way I want to Prove LOS can boot on a low end device such as this one...
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AS of now nothing.
nothing from Maze
nothing from TWRP
and few people even interested as far as i can tell.
I tried to build los, but I don't have enough RAM in my box to compile it....
and no one wants to allow me access to a server or vps with 16 gb of ram.
so for now I've been modding out the stock rom with different apps and getting rid of google-go apps.
I've found it runs a bit better with a swap-space on an sd-card.
after that i'm using pixil launcher, regular youtube and replaced most of the go apps with the regular versions.
space is still a constraint.
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anyway to get this to work on the ssb 805?
well the same process I used for this one should work for that one if it's mtk chipset.
I don't have the device so i can't really say for sure without more info about the device.
If you want to do the work to get a dump of it's boot.img and the recovery.img I can help you to build a twrp for it.
suspect you'll need the twrp built from the recovery.img then we'll need to open that up with A.I.K. and swap the kernel for the stock kernel out of the boot.img then repack it and it should work.
this is assuming you can unlock the bootloader with fastboot.
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I am referring to the SPFT preloader file, I need the full stock ROM, since it does not boot the system, it only sends me to the bootloader, and when I try to use the stock recovery the phone freezes.
what phone do you have? is the phone rooted? do you have twrp installed? what happend to the phone? why can't you boot up? the more details we get, the better we can help you.
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Oy! Its been months and Im only now realizing I was trying to run stuff from the SDcard when I was in [ adb shell *~androidSDCard/*/*/* ].
I needed to be pointing at the files on the HDD of the machine whose terminal I am running. (DUH)
I only discovered this once I couldnt get f-droid.apk to install using the same mistake. :)

Now I forget what I was trying to even do back then.

This thing will still "phonehome" and do all sorts of spyware bullshiz if I am successful running this stuff right?

Solving THAT would be a matter of composing a new ROM from kernel right? Because the kernel CONTAINS the hardwares drivers?

Doesnt that mean we could literally run any distro installer and it would call the libs it needed?
(My brain is in magical theory land, where I dont understand what Im doing and now Im not even sure if what Im saying makes sense in theory)
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