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Help Refresh Gallery


Nov 19, 2009
Is there a quick way to refresh the gallery?

I download pictures from the browser, so it automatically adds them to the gallery.

But i dont like my downloaded pictures showing up in the gallery so i made a hidden folder within download/ called .pics/.

after i download pictures i always use a file manager to move them to the hidden folder. but when i check the gallery, it sill shows shows them as being in the download/ folder.

the only way ive been able to refresh the gallery, to hide the hidden images, is to reboot the fone.

anyone have any ideas?
I connected by smart phone to my PC and copied about 20 pictures into the 100ANDRO folder on the phone. Now when go into Gallery, I see the pictures I copied, but I also see about a dozen other albums of pictures that were apparently copied from my PC. When I reconnect to my PC, I still see only the 100... folder in the folders and I don't see any other folder containing pictures. Does anyone have an idea how these picture folders got onto my phone and where they are stored? Thanks.
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