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Regulations for buying a new SD Card?

I recently bought a Droid and want to upgrade the default SD card that came with the phone. I know very little of the world of SD cards and want to know if there are any specific numbers/brands that will not work in the phone:

Does it matter if it is SD or SDHC?
Does it matter what class it is? (what is this, BTW?)
Does it matter what brand it is?

I just want to make sure I don't buy a card that doesn't work in the droid. Don't want to buy through verizon because they charge 3x as much as anyone else.
If you want to upgrade it will have to be higher then 16GB since that is what the Droid has already. Anything over 4GB is considered SDHC (HC stands for High Capacity), also the class of the card refers to how fast it's data transfer rate is, the higher the better of course, class 6 is the highest available at this point. It doesn't matter what brand you buy but stay away from those eBay one from Hong Kong and other places, they are known to be mislabeled. Oh and just so you know it has to be a Micro SD(HC) card.
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Well, I know of one guy (on this forum) who traded his DROID for an Eris at a BB and kept the 16GB (because he had stuff on it) and they took out the Eris SD card and allowed him to keep it. So yeah, it can happen that a DROID has a smaller card if someplace shady like BB allows for shady swaps like that. The salesman just put the 8 gb in the DROID.
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