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How To Remote Access - Droid to XP Laptop

I have a Motorola Droid that i would like to connect to my Windows XP Laptop with it and Remotely Control it and possibly the other computers in my household from any location. I understand that i need to "Port Map my Router". Trouble is, all the tutorial's on youtube show every router except the Qwest router... I used to connect directly to my laptop via LogMeIn.com from my previous phone (HTC Touch Diamond) but that requires Internet Explorer... Anyways, If someone can help me connect my MotoDroid to my laptop and show me how to port map a qwest router for this connection i would be greatly appreciative. Much thanks in advance... ~S I N~
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The RDP and VNC apps will require port mapping. I'd be happy to try to help with your port forwarding if you like.

LogMeIn will not require port mapping, but it is not available at the moment.

PhoneMyPC does not require port mapping, but the currently available release also does not support login (that is expected within the week), which means your laptop must stay logged in and not locked.
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