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Removed SD I don't know where it went...


Jul 16, 2013
I have the LG MS 690 And although its an old phone for now it works pretty well for me yet one little problem. When I hear the phone it posted a message in the notification bar saying that the SD card was m.I.a. and to go get another one.well Verbatim... Removed SD card. please insert another one! I'm kinda new to this stuff but um I tried to download the lg driver and SD card software via computer after I totally reset the whole phone. I also was able to put a brand new SD card in it. Please tell me what I'm doing wrong because I have no memory left on this phone and I am a Lil bit of an app junkie. Or should I say imma in & out appstaller..
welcome to AF!!!!!!

what card do you have? whats size and class did you get as well?

you most likely need to format the sd card. the easiest way is to do it on your phone.

go to settings/sd card storage and then select erase sd card storage.....do not worry as long as this is a new card and nothing is on there then you should be fine. this will re-format the sd card for you.

if you phone does not see the card then you will have to do this via your pc.
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