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replacement virgin htc desire


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Sep 5, 2010
altough virgin claimed not to have any replacement for my desire that was going into boot-loop all the time, the phoned me today to say one was in stock and will be sent out for wednesday. this only took 6 days to get them to find a replacement. mostly due to 5 phone calls 2 emails and posting a video of the phone crashing onto youtube. this i had to do because the muppet from the technical department refused to belive that i was talking to him on a phone i claimed had the boot-loop problem. acording to him if it had the problem i wouldent be able to use it at all....

the moral of my story is dont put up with virgins tech department telling you that you a wrong. insist on a replacement desire and not a wildfire as its not as good as the desire... as falsely claimed by virgin...
e-mail them links to threads from this forum and others on the boot-loop as we seem to know more than so called tech guys...
if they dont belive you make a video and post on youtube, as this seemes to embaress them into beliveing you...

if that fails go direct to htc for a repair, then change to a better phone company at the end of your contract :rolleyes:
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