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Reset for More Speed? Or not?


Deleted User

I have an HTC Incredible S. On the whole I like the phone but it seems to be getting slower and slower, often unresponsive for 10 seconds or more after tapping something such as opening the pic viewer or browser.

Would a factory reset drastically speed it back up again like new, or not?

And are there any risks involved, such as getting locked out of the thing? I have a basic 0123 password for the sim supplied by a local supplier, I don't know any other password for anything else.

I have Lookout installed, which apparently has backed up my contacts (I'm not so sure about applications or settings or anything like that?) In theory I can restore them but I've never used it before. Anyone used them? Can you trust it?

I know many of you are hardcore types who cheerfully root or whatever and I probably seem like a baby noob getting anxious over a factory reset.. but hey, for all its faults and lagging I like the phone and don't want to brick it.

So a recap:

Will it make it speedy again - or not?

Could I end up locked out or anything?

Anyone ever used Lookout before and does it work?

Also, would I lose my HTC Sense and/or Android updates?


Hello SS!
When you factory reset, you will lose all data/contacts/apps etc.
I highly recommend saving your contacts to google/gmail instead of the phone memory. That way you will never lose contacts in the event of a reset.
You will not lose Sense or any software updates.
Yes, it should speed up your device, and you shouldn't get locked out of the phone.
I have not used Lookout so I can't comment on that :rolleyes:

Have you tried a simple reboot, or a battery pull to see if that helps with the lag?
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I use Lookout and if your asking how it restores backed up contacts, when I used it a few years ago to restore my contacts, it did ok. The contacts where all there, but the info. like:email, address, notes, etc. was kinda moved around. So I had to clean it up. Now, I backup all contacts to Google and make a backup "vcf" file to my SD card. When I did a factory reset last Dec., I restored all my contacts from the "vcf" file that was on my SD card. (I actually move this file to my home computer.) It restored everything the way it was and even saved the pictures for each contact as well.
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I backup all contacts to Google and make a backup "vcf" file to my SD card.

Interesting.. could you explain how you do that please?

I can give an update - I did the reset thing!

The phone still works!

I can see it's going to take some time to set it all up as it was before - but to some extent I'm going to avoid making it as before, because before was when it was so slow and laggy...

Right now I wouldn't say it's blazing fast or anything but it does respond to taps and swipes at a reasonable rate. So far none of the tap and wait for it to react stuff, eyes and fingers crossed.

As for Lookout, I wasn't entirely impressed. For a start it gave me a very uncomfortable hour or so, saying that I didn't have any backups to download.


Eventually, poking around their interface discovered you need to tick if you want pictures or contacts or whatever, in a very unintuitive place (up and to the right, I mean, who the heck looks up and to the right?) So eventually it decided to let me 'restore' - 7 whole pictures, because most it seems were already on my simcard anyway, as were all my contacts.

Still good for a lost phone perhaps but a less than pleasant experience. The reset thing though, went OK. Yay!

Mike, I've often tried rebooting but hadn't tried removing the battery.

One good thing about the apps is their still online with Google, as they have a list of everything you've downloaded or paid for. And it's amazing how much crap you decide not to bother reinstalling isn't it?

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Right now I wouldn't say it's blazing fast or anything but it does respond to taps and swipes at a reasonable rate.

Sounds like your internal storage was nearly full and still doesn't have too much elbow-room despite what you threw out. The Incredible S has just 1GB in the specs.
And maybe too many simultaneous processes running in RAM? 768MB isn't too much either.
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