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Root Restore HTC Desire S (ICS) To Gingerbread


Apr 17, 2012
I just bought a HTC Desire S and it has ice cream sandwhich. I cannot find HTC Sense so presume it was removed when the ROM was installed.I think the ROM is called:

CM9 Ice Cream Sandwich

I am really new to android and rooting so would appreciate if anyone could help with links and advice. I really wanted to use HTC sense (and have also heard that HTC are going to release an official one later in the year, and I dont want to cause any problems). Any help?
run the fastboot command 'fastboot getvar all' and post the out put. will then direct you best I can.

You will need to setup adb and fastboot on your pc, and then boot your phone into fastboot and run the command on the pc. search read search.


I am completely new to this and dont really understand what you mean. Could you possibly break it down? Sorry
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