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Root Returning rooted phone


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Feb 22, 2010
Perrysburg, Oh.
I've had my Droid since January, with 5 or 6 data corruption issues on the SD card, both before and after rooting. Verizon replaced the SD card and the data corruption happened again, so I now have a "like new" replacement, which is working ok so far.

On the original phone, I went back to stock using the "live without fear..." .sbf file, to 2.01. I had attempted to also let it do the 2.1 update but it continually gets stuck on the M and won't proceed past that, so I again put the 2.01 sbf file on, and let the phone get to the "touch the droid to begin" screen.

The phone has the original recovery on it, the box and explanation mark, no SPRecovery or clockwork.

Can Verizon tell at this point that the phone was previously routed and charge me full price for the replacement? Thanks for any help.....


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