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Review of MHL micro-usb to HDMI adapter w/remote and lots of pics!!!


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Jul 30, 2010
This is a review of MHL (Mobile High-Definition Link) micro-usb to HDMI adapter with a remote: Wholesale MHL Micro USB to HDMI Female HDTV Adpater Cable with Remote Control - Samsung Cables & Adapters and High Speed HDMI v1.4 male-to-male cable: Wholesale V1.4 1080P 1.5M HDMI M to M Video/Audio Cable PS3 XBOX360 Bluray Disc HDTV DVD - Black - HDMI Cable

If you guys think this is going to be just another HDMI adapter you have seen so many times in the forum - it's not! Typical adapters have a small converter unit with a male HDMI connector, micro-usb power input, and a cable with micro-usb connector going to your phone. Sure it works, but if you to connect it to your TV you have to fumble around to plug it in in the back panel connecting all the wires in blind or get female-to-male extension cord, and also once you connect the phone - you have to control it by going over to tap that pause button. Well, this MHL adapter got a few bonuses to make it unique.

The main unit is your typical converter which has micro-usb power input, extension cord with micro-usb connector going to the phone, and HDMI connector which is actually female instead of typical male. I think its actually to the advantage because male-to-male HDMI cables are more common than male-to-female extension chords. If you already have one, then you have nothing to worry about, but if you don't I included in my review such high speed cable (v1.4) which is of a fantastic quality, high durability, gold-plated connectors, and for $3 from tvc-mall - its a great value. The micro-usb connector going to the phone is actually 5-pin connector to make this adapter more universal with other phones. But have no worry if you have S3/N2/S4 with 11-pin micro-usb connector. In the package also included a very short 5-pin to 11-pin adapter which seamlessly integrates with a connector, just leave it on since we need to use it with Note 2. You will need to connect power source to keep it happy which also chargers your phone, although as you can see from the pictures recognized as USB source rather than AC (typical for these adapters). Of course, the big bonus in here is a remote control!!! You get all your typical Android control buttons, a separate play/pause/stop, and directional navigation buttons with ok/enter. When you sitting on the couch away from your TV where the phone is connected, to be able to control video stream or navigation is priceless!

Overall, both the adapter and cables (if you don't have one already) are the great value and with a bonus of remote control - make a killer combination for connecting your phone to TV and being able to control it from a distance. I personally was very happy with this order from tvc-mall.

Here are the pictures.



















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