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Review of Waterproof bag for Note 2 w/pics!!!


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Jul 30, 2010
This is a review of Waterproof Bag for Note 2: Wholesale Waterproof Sports Armband Bag for Samsung Galaxy S4 I9500 / Note I9220 / S3 I9300 (Size:19x10cm) - Samsung Waterproof Cases

Unfortunately, if you are looking for a waterproof case for Note 2 you are out of luck. All of the leading manufacturers who make waterproof (and I'm not talking about splash proof, but actual waterproof) cases refused to make one for N2 because of s-pen and not being able to have a removable seal around it. What is the next solution? You can have one of those waterproof skins but those have one time use seal tape and have to go on naked phone leaving it slippery and unprotected. Take that one to the beach and see how long before it slips out of your hand without any grip or handle or being able to wrap it in some kind of a bumper protection. I have been searching around for waterproof bags and came across one on tvc-mall.com website. To find one which fits Note 2 is a challenge because of the size of the phone. As a matter of fact, when I compared dimensions of the waterproof bag for original Note versus Note 2, I found bag for Note is more adequate for our Note 2. Therefore I decided to order one from tvc-mall along with other goodies I'm planning to review shortly. I dealt with these guys before, and can recommend them as trustworthy retailer.

No matter how good the bag is going to be, it has to fit the phone. This one has flat outline dimensions of 190 mm x 100 mm. The material is PVC and TPU, and it felt very durable. The upper locking mechanism made out of ABS plastic and has two latches to shut the seal very tight. Case is actually rated to go 10m submerged under water. Naked phone went in without any problem, but that wasn't enough for me to feel secure about the placement, in case if I drop it. So I actually used a typical slim TPU case to give it extra protection. As you can see from a picture I was able to fit it even with a slim case. But don't expect anything beyond that. It did present a bit of a challenge to take the phone out because of a friction between TPU case and inner side of the bag and of course tight fitment. But I managed to squeeze it out like a toothpaste without damaging the bag. BUT if you happens to have Case-Mate Tough case for your Note 2 - it fits PERFECTLY and comes out easily. With all around basic protection of Tough and waterproof protection of this bag - it makes a perfect combination. But any basic slim TPU case will work as well. Once the phone inside you have an option to attach an armband (included) or a removable lanyard/strap to carry it around your neck.

Inside of the bag, you have full control of the touch screen, as you can see from the picture me swiping between screens and also using touch button for menu. Home button is visible and easy to press, and you can find your way to power and volume up/down buttons. Although I haven't tried, there is not doubt you can receive and answer the calls while inside of the bag as well. One detail I found especially useful was an open window in the back for a camera and flash that will allow you to take pictures/videos, in theory under the water as well. For $7 plus change it's actually of a decent quality considering it's functionality. Overall, I found it to be a great addition for Note 2 especially if you are planning to take your phablet to the beach or outdoors where you want to keep your phone dry.

Here are the pictures.














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I was expecting to see some photos of it in your bath LoL:D

Sorry, all the private 6-pack shows are for my wife's eyes only :p

I'm actually thinking about getting one of those moisture test strips (or whatever it's called), and testing the bag with it in. Once I do it, will record it and put on YT. I also will add a few pictures with CaseMate Tough case in it tonight.

I want to mention it again, while researching for this waterproof bag I found dimensions for the one specific to Note 2 were 175 mm x 100 mm, while for Note it was 190 mm x 100 mm. Not everybody, actually hardly anybody, puts dimensions on it so be careful when you just rely on Note 2 vs Note label. It doesn't matter where you order yours from, I have my preferences of a few HK on-line budget vendors (not dealing with ebay anymore!!!) while you might have yours. I was just very pleased they included actual dimensions of the bag to guide me with my choice.

Also, I think this kind of setup would be fantastic when you go to the gym. I will try it out when I'm back home from work to see if I can fit my drivers license and credit card inside of that armband loop/pocket. If not, you can always get one of those stretchable stick-on credit card pouches (you can get those 3 for $10).
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