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Ringtones and wallpapers for droid - where do you get themi

There are a few apps that have a large selection of free wallpapers. One is just called "Backgrounds". I like their selection. Another is called "Androlib Wallpapers". They're both free apps, easier than going to a website IMO.

As for ringtones, I just make my own. Take an MP3, download Ringdroid and cut out the part you want to use as a ring tone. Barring that you can just download MP3 ring tones anywhere you want, same as you would have on your BB. There's no restriction preventing you from setting an MP3 as a ring tone on the Droid.
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Yeah i know about making your own ringtones but i dont want a song as my ringtone.

Also i would much rather just download premade then make my own.

Also i want nice new tones for text messages and google talk notifications. I am not impressed with the tones that came with the droid.

Thanks for wallpaper app suggestions.. ill check them out.

Can anyone suggest good free place to get access to ringtones and sounds?
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