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Root [ROM] EuroSkank CM 7.2 - HTC DESIRE - NIGHTLY 15/03/2013


Android Enthusiast
Nov 14, 2010

Built By:Fuzz

Google Apps Flash via recovery after flashing rom

MOD'S: CrossBreederhttp://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=2113150http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=2113150

* "Andy got SKANK" bootanimation kanged by @rascarlo
* Makes build more SKANKY! Wallpaper kanged by @rascarlo
* Modify back key kill app timeout to 1.5 seconds
* Use JellyBean fonts

* block: Add Simple I/O scheduler
* block: Add V(R) I/O scheduler
* config: Enable KSM
* config: Enable Compcache
* config: Make ondemand as default governor
* config: Make SIO as default I/O scheduler
* config: Add BFQ hierarchical scheduling support
* cpufreq: Add smartassV2 governor
* cpufreq: Tweak smartassV2 governor
* mm: Add Cleancache
* mm: Add Frontswap
* bravo: Implement integrated kernel building

* CMWallpapers: Shorten App name
* CMWallpapers: Add new wallpapers
* Contacts: Add individual contact call history and show groups yes/no setting on call log
* DeskClock: Add Stopwatch app
* Mms: auto-retrieval (for gingerbread)
* Mms: Modify settings layout
* Mms: Enable emojis support
* Mms: Update smileys :)
* Mms: Strip Unicode: Fix for specific Japanese characters
* Music: Add option to start playback when A2DP headset gets connected
* Music: Change the order of the menu
* Protips: Add missing meme for all locales

* Add ability to swap volume keys in selected orientation
* Performance: Move memory related settings to Memory management
* Performance: Memory management: Add KSM settings (requires kernel support)
* Performance: Add I/O scheduler settings
* Performance: More refactoring
* Performance: Processor settings: Add current CPU frequency
* Performance: Processor: Add ability to set max screen off CPU frequency
* Add option to choose CmCircleBattery
* Fix issues CmCircleBattery is not available for some locales

* Add option to control cursor in text fields using volume keys

* bionic: merge from upstream
* dalvik: merge from upstream
* libcore: merge from upstream
* system/core: merge from upstream

* Backport allow to change output directory
* Backport integrated kernel building


* http://cm-7-nightlies.appspot.com/

picked from review.cyanogenmod.com


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