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Root [ROM] GummyJAR - Stripped down and geared towards SPEED!!!! - release 1.8.1 - 12/14


May 14, 2010

Stripped down and geared towards SPEED!!!!


Themers Wanted - PM me if you want help with GummyJAR themes

Note: You can install 1.9 over the top of 1.8

GummyJar is built for and only tested on 2.3.320/340 based phones.... If you are running 2.3.15 you might have issues Don't worry D2users you are good :)

GummyJAR is an AOSP like rom, yes it is based off of a moto rom (2.3.340)

90% of all apps were compiled by me from source (a few needed to be there from moto... like five or so provider apps and the music app)... This is a first and I was able to accomplish this though modifying the framework in both cvpc's and cyanogenmod's source. All source changes will be available to anyone who requests them after GummyJAR is released.... So yes this work will work its way into other Blur based ROM's

The look and and feel of this rom is AOSP + Gingerbread with a few tweaks :) If you are a themer and would like to release themes for my rom PM me...

GummyJAR is really as close to AOSP as we are going to get until cvpcs and Matt get things figured out and the bugs cleared up!!!

Thanks to Droid2169 for his patience with me when I needed help or just a question answered. GummyJAR will also be using his busybox and script which is greatly appreciated!
Thanks to Matt4542 for all his help and support along the way!!!! Oh and thanks for testing and porting GummyJAR to the D2 :p
Thanks to Duhstehn my D2 tester.. you are friggin Awesome!!!
Thanks over.leaf for the wallpaper image!
Thanks to jacksonbarber for testing my ROM!
Thanks to theecho for hosting my ROM!
Thanks for cvpcs for publicly posting his source, which I compiled most of my apps from.
Thanks for teamdouche for publicly posting the CM source, which I compiled some of my apps from.
Angdroid for the reboot option.

New base....built by me
First Non-AOSP ROM to include phone, contacts, settings..... hell 90% of all the apps were built from source.... rather that decompiled and hacked apps via APKmanager!!!!! And it shows in pure speed!!!!!
Blurless obviously
CM music player built from source and compiled by me with lockscreen control support
Black / Inverted GVoice and Gtalk
Gingerbread keyboard - Not available in the D2, sorry to many buggs
Latest Market included
build.prop tweaks - thanks to LexusBrian400
Ads blocked via hosts file - thanks to delta_foxtrot2
Framework cleanup to properly match AOSP
10% battery increments
Reboot option in power down menu
All apps optimized and zip aligned
More to come...

Known Issues:
Pattern Lockscreen is not working

Change Log:
Resolved issue with brightness and volume
Resolved issue with Google Search FCing
Updates added to the base
Remove the Gingerbread keyboard
To help resolve issues for the time being I went back to the stock Settings. Notice: I used the Setting.apk from Fission 2.1 so credit goes to them for the modifications within that APK.

Default theme is now Gingerbread
Launcher2 themed to match Gingerbread (this is not the hacked GB launcher) -credit me
Gingerbread keyboard fixed (correct size) and included - credit me
Inverted Gtalk and Gvoice (looks very good with the gingerbread theme) - credit me
Market updated to the new one released yesterday

Updated the base to 2.3.340
Fixed Auto Restore issue
Fixed network locations issue

Resolved issue with Battery Usage FC's
Removed Moto Batter Manager (buggy)
Added AppWidgetPicker - Credit goes to boombuler
Re-added AOSP source built settings.apk as I was able to fix the brightness and volume settings last night, which was the original issues.

Fix for the Google quick search FC's

1.9 Coming soon
CyanogenMod Music player built from source by me with working lockscreen controls...
Increased key size on keyboard
More build.prop tweaks.

I take no responsibility for what this ROM may do to your phone.



Numbers for the battery Icon
tx3kgtman's version
Some I made with white numbers

Swype for the DX
Swype for the D2
AOSP keyboard for people having issues with the Gingerbread one.

make sure you have root and clockworks recovery installed
Waring!!!! Make sure you are on 2.3.320 or 2.3.340!!!
-boot into recovery via clockworks bootstrap
-select "wipe data/factory reset"
-select "Yes -- delete all data"
-go back "powerbutton"
-select "install zip from sdcard"
-select "choose zip from sdcard"
-find and select DX/D2_GummyJAR-X.X.zip

Installing themes or Addons
-boot into recovery via clockworks bootstrap
-select "mounts and storage"
-select mount /system
-go back "powerbutton"
-select "install zip from sdcard"
-select "choose zip from sdcard"
-find and select TheameName.zip

If you have 1.0 installed you should be able to install 1.5 over the top without wiping data.. Although I must point out that I have not tested this and it may cause issues.

While GummyJAR will allways be free - non-contributionware - I would very much appreciated it you got me a beer or two :cool:
Got tired of the Motorola ROM rebooting since the last update. So I applied this ROM (my first one too!). Looking forward to trying it out. Already noticed how much faster it is!

Question: If I already have a Swype Beta account (before I got my X), can I still download and install that one on to this ROM? Or do I have to use the one linked to this post (or do I have to use the "stock" one for the DROID X that Moto puts out with their ROMs)?
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Just tried installing this, coming from Tranq 3.6 - led to 1 successful boot, followed by boot looping after the first time I turned off the screen...

Please remove the links to the battery icon - or at least add a clear warning - if you try to install these over version 2.0 you are screwed!! Boot loop city!!!
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