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Root [Rom Info] Astronautica Aurora2 1.5 by fuser-invent (2013-05-28)


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Jun 28, 2012
fuser-invent's original post below download/other links taken out and Changes by me check the source link below for those read on.

Astronautica Aurora II v1.5 by fuser-invent
--- Hybrid ROM Based on Official Stock BETA 1018 Jelly Bean 4.1.1 Firmware and CM10 ---

What is this ROM?

This is a totally stripped down version of the Official Stock BETA 1018 Jelly Bean 4.1.1 Firmware release by Ainol and some elements from CM10. The Ainol JB release for Aurora2 was based off of the Crystal's JB firmware.

As of now this custom ROM can only be flashed if you have upgraded to the stock 1018 firmware which I will provide in my Mediafire folder. This is essentially a repack/kang/hybrid or whatever you want to call it. The core of ROM is the official firmware but I and my team have baked in a lot of fixes/tweaks/mods. As far as I know this ROM is up-to-date with Crystal Clear, Anti-Hero and my Karbonn Custom ROM's. If you'd like to see the general change-log, check out theCrystal Clear thread for now.

Here is the link to the ROM's download folder.

Here is a BETA test comp zip to possible fix the screen artifact problem.

You need to first flash the official Stock ROM package using the official stock recovery and u-boot.bin provided inside. I recommend a factory reset to make sure you get a clean install on your first flash. The rest of the Astronautica Aurora II ROM files are built to flash in TWRP, which you can of course get from Christian Troy's TWRP thread.

There are additional optional files for SD card switching and fingerprint switching that you can find here. They are named for the Elf2 but will work with this ROM. The ROM comes as a Nexus 7, the SGS3 fingerprint is for changing from that and the Nexus 7 one is for changing back if you've flashed the SGS3 zip and feel like you've made a mistake.


  • CWM and TWRP compatible
  • True Tablet UI
  • Notifications Bug Fixed
  • Rooted with newest SuperSU
  • Extended Power Menu
  • Gameloft License Check Loop Fix (Play Asphalt 7 and more)
  • Should fix ghost touches and SOD / Random Reboots for most users
  • Pre-Installed Light Google Apps Package
  • Removed Chinese Apps and Bloatware
  • Added In Terminal, Flash Player, YouTube, Skype and Netflix
  • Deodoxed Apps and Framework
  • Added init.d script support
  • Added data/app/ capability
  • Made typing on the keyboard not suck so bad
  • Improve scrolling and touch sensitivity
  • Custom Boot Animation and Default Wallpaper - Thanks to pierwiastekz2!
  • Mic Volume Mod/Fix
  • Improved picture and video quality
  • Battery Percentage display

Edits to the build.prop

  • Gameloft Compatibility for most games
  • Screen Response and Sensitivity Tweaks
  • Performance Tweaks
  • Wifi Tweaks
  • Google Nexus 7 Fingerprint
  • Default United States, EST time zone and English
  • Hide Android Debug Icon and ADB enabled by default
  • Video & JPEG Quality Tweaks

Init.d Scripts

  • Performance2 Governor Tweaks
  • Battery Life Tweaks
  • Internal SD Card Speed Tweaks
  • Overall Performance Tweaks
  • Network Tweaks

Credit where credit is due

This ROM is rooted by SuperSU v1.25

Although this ROM does not actually contain any of the these packages, it does contain init.d scripting ideas from the following:
CrossBreeder-Entropy Lag Reduce/DNS Speedup
Seeder Entropy Generator
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