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Root (Rom Info) Flight Feathers 4.1.1 (1216) for Aurora 1 v1/v2/v3 and Elf By Feiyu


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Jun 28, 2012
Id thought id share this with the aurora 1 and elf 1 users.
Translated by google translate (from Chinese) this post one took a little while to translate seems the page dont translate well with GT Normally.:dontknow:
Lifeiyu's post below download/other links taken out by me the source below is where you'll find them

[ROM] Aurora 1 v1/v2/v3 / Wizard 4.11 the flight feather Edition 1216 Update Patch

Posts by lifeiyu 2012-12-20 09:01​

1216 upgrade patch updates:

* Fixed the rotating screen too slow to react
* The increase in full-screen mode gesture bring up the status bar

* Full screen mode, draw your finger from the bottom to the top of the screen to quickly call up the status bar, displayed for 5 seconds per call up
* With the the fullscreen switch in the power button, personally think that has been well spent, and currently does not have automatic full screen
* Start from ICS screenshot feature is the power + volume down, not tried Do not say no screenshot
* Rom pea pods like client upgrade adb driver
* This version features and stability to achieve their personal expectations, so it will not be updated, thanks to support

1216 upgrade patch: (1216-update.zip 5.41M 2012-12-20)

-------------------------------------------------- -------------------------
1216 Update:
* Restore default voltage and frequency to solve the crash problem some feedback
* Adjust the power display
* The the repair status bar often disappear bug
* Cancel unstable play video full-screen function, use the new version of mx or full screen mode manually
* Power menu reboot and full-screen mode switch
* Upgrade part of the Google Application
Tip: shutdown state, plus long press the power + volume + return into recovery

NOTE: Do not use open Quick Start restart into recovery function, there is a conflict, and can not be used simultaneously



Aurora v1 1216 firmware:(aurora-v1-1216-feiyu.rar 308.79M 2012-12-16)

Aurora v2 1216 patch:(1216-v2-patch.zip 2.67M 2012-12-16)

Aurora v3 1216 patch:(1216-v3-patch.zip 2.67M 2012-12-16)

Wizard 1216 patch:(1216-elf-patch.zip 2.67M 2012-12-18)

The gravity sensing turn left 10 degrees patch:
1216-mma7660-l10.zip (187.27 KB, Downloads: 384)

The gravity sensing turn right 10 degrees patches:
1216-mma7660-r10.zip (187.24 KB, Downloads: 387)

First, special thanks to zrz510, not his code would not have this firmware.
Secondly under full Chi 1.6SDK some cases, may be the emphasis on overseas markets, full Zhi from 1.5 is no longer supported the rmvb, ac3/dts, but rely on external library files to resolve, thus causing the decoding some problems, I tested ac3/dts added patch after normal play, but there are some files can not drag the progress bar, these are normal playback files in the original firmware, corrective I started saying, rm / rmvb support no problem, just 1.6 need to use the updated library file. Another standby power, I tested twice, this problem does exist, even leading update to 4.11 also exists, but as long as the non-wake state power or I can accept the range, if you do mind this is not recommended to update to this firmware, do not look carefully explained brushing screaming in big bug.
Went on to say that some official of the improvement: fluency upgrade, html5 support window playback wifi pass screen, an increase of a similar Huawei mobile phone fast boot soft-off function (need parameters Open).

Well, here is my updated content:
* Completely modify the source code to compile unofficial firmware revision
* The first use of the self-compiled core
* Cpu frequency maximum open to 1056, while reducing the voltage to improve the heating situation
* Touch and gravity sensing drive optimization
* In addition to the core module supports firmware before adding more usb handle support
* Increase in notification bar wifi switch
* The increase in the status bar to open off power percentage and virtual volume buttons
* Increased long press the back key to return to the desktop
* Open the Quick Start option
* Increased hdmi output mode option
* Increase in full-screen mode, and a full-screen key switching applications
* Play local and network client video automatically fullscreen (recommended mx player, comes with the player sometimes fail)
* Integration with root privileges, use SuperSU administrative privileges
* Etc / init.d boot script support

* The update requires a complete line of brush
* Because of the limited degree of familiarity with the 4.1 code, plus the fact Aurora resolution is not a flat-panel interface, so the full-screen mode is also not really perfect, there are some applications even if the full-screen below have black bars
* Because now I do not find the Bluetooth adapter available, so temporarily shielded Bluetooth support, so have the opportunity to debug then update patch
Later patch * the gravity sensing drive is adjusted the machine in accordance with my hands, so who would have tilted the problem, etc.
* Horizontal and vertical screen switch interface is sometimes slow to react, presumably due to the support of multiple gravity sensing, non-bug
* Updated version will not be able to shutdown state to enter the recovery, from the setting - backup and recovery-Recovery mode to enter






Patch update method: can not be turned off into recovery, it must be turned on the otg mouse operation, enter the recovery from the setting brush into the patch
Connected to the computer can not find the the otg line can use adb command to enter the command as follows: adb shell "echo-n boot-recovery | busybox dd of = / dev / block / nandf count = 1 conv = sync; sync; reboot", if no menu appears, click the back key, the official recovery patch must be copied to the external card

adb tool Download: containing the recovery batch
AdbTool.rar (394.61 KB, Downloads: 1749)


Source Untranslated
Source Translated (translated by Microsoft Translator maybe translated differantly but at least the page is intact.)

Note: Here's Other info ,download and mirror (link's destination need's to be signed in to view, sorry :eek:)
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