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Root [ROM] [Team D.I.R.T] [LINARO] [JB 4.1.2] Dirty Unicorns V1.0


DON'T PANIC!!!!!!!!!
  • May 13, 2010
    Los Angeles
    a cool aosp rom, enjoy this rom not made by me

    original thread:

    Although this is based on the AOKP source, I've spend countless hours applying fixes, tweaks and a handful of modifications that were not included in AOKP's source. If and when you are
    granted permission to use this ROM either as a base or to port it to another device, I except general developer courtesy and my name along with everyone found under credits/thanks in your credits/thanks section.

    9/10 times you will be granted permission to use the ROM for whatever you wish, I just ask that a PM be sent to me prior to posting the ROM and that you follow through on the conditions of using the ROM

    How to flash:
    -Download the ROM using WiFi if not, a strong 3G signal
    - Make sure you're using Smelkusmod as a recovery
    - Wipe EVERYTHING in recovery
    - Move the ROM zip to the sdcard
    - Flash it and ENJOY

    Known issues:
    - FFC doesn't work
    - Whatever else you guys find.....

    Rom Features:
    - All the features that are included in AOKP's latest 4.1.2 ROM
    - Built from source
    - Native Facebook sync
    - 23 different types of batteries to choose from
    - Transparent Lockscreen option
    - Option to align clock/weather/battery stats in lockscreen
    - Compiled with 4.7-2012.11-1-2012 Linaro toolchain (will optimize with -ofast in next release)
    - Stationary lock button to the right of settings in pulldown
    - Statusbar Transparency option
    - Updated hosts file for an ad-free experience
    - 4 different launchers to choose from
    - Apollo music player
    - CMFileManager
    - Evervolv's EVWidgets
    - Android 4.2 Deskclock/Camera/Gallery/Keyboard
    - Much more.....
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