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[ROM]-v9 GamerROM Eclipse™ Pro v1.01 for the Sony Xperia XZ Premium (maple) Updated: 09/11/19

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Welcome to:

GamerROM Eclipse Pro™
For the Sony Xperia XZ Premium (maple)

Official Trailer Preview:

GamerROM is here to bring your gaming experience to the next level and bring your life a new beginning with the world's most popular OS.


• Control your device instantly with our new GR Settings application powered by: L Speed.

• Block Ads from sites and applications with AdAway.

• Enchance your gaming experience with GL Tools and enjoy 100% changable graphics to your preferences.

• Fast blazing ui and performance your eyes will blow out of your socket (Not litterally.

• Impressive battery life to help you game more and worry less.

• Fully compatible with GSI.

• Experience our new CryoWare™ Engine that puts horse power as powerful weapon to improve games and overall your device and much more.

Known Bugs:

• SeLinux is set to permissive

• Force encrypt is disabled

Download: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.gamerrom.downloader

Official OS Release Date: 09/10/2019

Android Version: v9

Current Security Patch: July 5, 2019

Current Version: v1.05
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• Uncapped fps.

• Increased fps cap to display frequency of 120Hz

• Set display to 4K resolution.

• Fixed a security patch date mis typo in the flasher.

• FPS in general was upped to 120FPS based on how the game or app was coded.

• Increased resolution for the camera to take video in 4k and in photos.

• Media will now play in 1440p.

• Improved thermal engine to be more balanced.

NOTICE: No voltages were changed the engine will handle the rendering to protect your device!

• Initial Release.
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