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Root Root EVO4G with Froyo 2.2 still can't watch flash videos

I just rooted mine today.

I haven't flashed any ROMs onto it yet, though.

Will CM7 work with Froyo? or is Gingerbread necessary?

Cm7 is gingerbread. 2.3 base. You can change android versions all you want when you flash a diff rom, flashing the rom will change it. The limiting factor is having the proper radios for the software version. 3.7 goes with and technically
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I root my evo4g with the latest Froyo 2.2 and cannot watch flash videos. I have flash player 10.3 but still get messages to download plugin when trying to watch streamline video.
What do I need to do?

That's weird because I've been able to do it since day 1.

Are you saying that you rooted the Evo then put a ROM with Froyo 2.2 on it? Or are you saying that you rooted an Evo that was already running Froyo 2.2? I have noticed that when you attempt to put a ROM on the Evo such as for me, trying to put ROMs of 2.3 and 3.0 that it didn't actually make the phone 2.3 or 3.0, but just look like it. If you rooted on 2.1 then gave it a ROM running 2.2 then that may be your problem.

If you rooted an Evo already running 2.2, uninstall flash player and reinstall it again and see if that works.
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