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Root Masters please read


Android Enthusiast
Nov 3, 2009
Southeast US
First - I have searched, cannot find answers for my specific questions.

I believe I just rooted my phone. At least that is what I thought i did. I used CMD with android sdk to gain root access, then added fresh 0.7 to SD Card, installed the zip, rebooted and now having couple questions.

1. Everything still looks EXACTLY the same. If the Rom is installed aren't things suppose to be a little different?

2. I tried to download an app from market (Root Booter or something) to "Test" root capabilities but my keyboard "Touch Input" is now force closing in every application.

PLEASE HELP> ASAP, thanks!!!
Fresh 1.0 is out.

It fixes the keyboard force close and all the .7 bugs.

Download the Fresh 1.0 and copy to SD.
Boot into recovery and apply sdcard: choose zip
Pick the fresh 1.0


Yeah thats what I finished a bit earlier. Actually I hopped on and decided to try the MaDoCo Rom (1.1) but it was a poor experience, so I went to find the Fresh Rom again and stumbled into 1.0. Although I think I will go back and pick up the update to remove the lock emblem (gaudy).

Anyway, now I'm off to research App2SD and other things I should do to make my phone run faster. The new Rom hasn't seemed to make a difference as far as I can tell.

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