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Root Rooted, Cynogen'd, Now SIM Subsidy Unlock outside U.S.

Hoping someone can help me out...I'm not extremely technical, but I appreciate those who are!

I have a Droid 3 from Verizon. I am paying customer, under contract...I pay them A LOT (I've been with them 8 years and even was with a company they acquired for 2 years before that, and have always paid the MAX monthly for individuals even when it was $450/month, and they treat me very, very well (usually)!). I have a Droid 3 which had these series of events happen:

1) Verizon gave me the SIM subsidy unlock code
2) I went overseas before putting in the code (not very smart on my part)
3) I bought a local SIM and the rep at a mall overseas put it in the phone
4) The rep entered the SIM unlock code incorrectly several times
5) The phone was still SIM subsidy locked
6) I entered the PIN correctly, and it still responded with "unsuccessful"
7) I called Verizon Global Support who verified it was the correct SIM unlock code
8) The Verizon support rep had me read the MEID code to double-check it was the unlock right code for my device. She verified it was.
9) The Verizon senior support rep emailed someone at Motorola (with a real motorola.com addy) and Cc'd me
10) The Motorola rep replied-all a day later and confirmed it was the correct SIM unlock code for that MEID
11) The Verizon rep said that if an unlock code is entered too many times incorrectly the phone will not accept the right code and the phone:
a) Will not count down your number of attempts left
b) Will not give you a message that is permanently locked and will simply continue to ask you to enter a code
c) will require a clean sweep of the phone to factory settings which will reset the number of SIM subside code unlock attempts tried to zero, however, because the phone would be off Verizon's network it may brick the phone permanently because it can't dial itself to initialize and so that can't be recommended
12) I cleaned swept the phone anyway
13) It locked me out when it tried to initialize by dialing *228# which it couldn't do off network as the rep said, but I searched forums and found the immediate problem/solution and that I could touch 4 corners of the screen to get back in to the operating system (it would have been nice if the "senior" support rep had told me this could be done ins)tead of either keeping it a secret (annoying) or being unaware (ignorant)
14) I was now back into the O.S.
15) But the SIM unlock code still would not work! So I could now neither roam with my phone at $3.50/minute through Verizon nor use a local SIM, however, I could use a SIP/softphone application to make calls and browse the web using WiFI, which was something positive
SIDE QUESTION: Is that a bug or poorly designed Android/Motorola programming thing that there is no count-down for the number of SIM subsidy unlock code entry attempts remaining and it doesn't tell you if it's permanently locked from too many attempts? It's extremely annoying!
15) Now, I took the phone to a local lab here in the foreign country.
16) They went onto a website where they buy unlock codes on their own dime and if it unlocks the phone they charge you for a successful unlock.
17) It was unsuccessful
18) This lab said nothing can reset the code, and there is no way to get past this SIM unlock...NO WAY, they said and were adamant about it and sent me on my way!
19) So I took it upon myself to root the phone, which I was successful at doing
20) Then I installed Cynogen 9 successfully
21) I thought I deleted everything in the phone as required/recommended to install the new OS
21) It's a very nice and cool looking operating system, but wouldn't you know it, the phone is still asking me for a SIM subsidy unlock code when I slip in a foreign SIM!

Can anyone tell me how the heck I can unlock this subsidy lock to make my phone usable with a foreign SIM? It would be HUGELY appreciated!! I am at my wits end!!

Is it humanly possible?

What would Verizon/Motorola/Google do if they got this phone back to refurbish it? Surely they'd have to re-install all the software/OS at its deepest levels and all the partitions of its memory, right? Can I do that? Would that work? Is this SIM subsidy lock in an an unreachable partition? How can there be an unreachable partition? That just doesn't make sense to me...can't be!

Is there anyone, somewhere out there in the world who is skillful enough to do this?

Thanks for any and all help!!!!!

Sad Verizon Droid3 Customer Stuck Overseas :-(


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