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Root Rooted Droid X via in radiocom, should I update to .605?

VoidedSaint-Thank you for the reply. When I try and install the update the phone powers off then powers back on with a window that shows an open box with an progress meter and an android then my phone powers back on and a window pops up with an error "Update Status the software update failed" i then press the "ok" button. The system version still says .602. Even after a battery pull I still have .602

Now that I see what cougar214 said I see that the update is not all that critical. So i really don't need the update but still have a mystery as to why my DX won't install the update.
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Depending on how much skill you have with your droid you can just add the missing apk files back and reinstall the missing bloat. However if this route is to involved for you then an sbf is in order. This will actually be your best option. Sbf to 602, take the ota to 605, then root again and remove your unwanted bloat. But might i recommend you don't remove it, use titanium backup to freeze all the bloat instead.
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