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rooted phone, lost MS Exchange now need it


Jul 1, 2013
Warning I'm not very familiar with all the inner workings of android.

I have an older LG Optimus with very little internal memory. A few months ago, following directions I found on this forum (bloatware!) I managed to get it rooted and then got rid of some bloatware. One of the things I apparently deleted was Exchange Active Sync? At the time I was only using gmail on my phone so I didn't think I needed it. Now, my new job has given me an exchange email acct that I would like to receive on my phone. The directions tell me to go into Accounts & Sync, then Add Account but my only choices in that menu are dropbox, Tmobile, Firefox Sync, Evernote and Google. No way to add the other than I can see. So I assume I need to reload that app, but I can't find anywhere to download it on its own. I did back everything up before removing, using Titanium Backup, but as far as I can see it will restore everything at once not just a single app?

I am running android 2.2.2

Thanks for any guidance.:thinking:
bumping this with a little more info. I did find the individual apps backup in Titanium (duh, I was getting confused with my ROM manager backup) but I can't find anything that looks like it would be exchange.
If I need to unroot and restore, could someone direct me to step-by-step directions to avoid bricking my phone? thanks.
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