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Help S2 very slow to connect to WiFi

As the title says, connection to WiFi on this device is very slow. I have a number of other Samsung devices which connect immediately, as to 3 laptops of various makes.
On the S2, the wifi icon shows at the top of the screen but the upload/download arrows are either both grey or one is. Any suggestions of ways to address the problem would be appreciated. (Get a new tablet is not an option).
As an example. I attempted to access the BBC Weather app and it took over a minute to connect. On my other devices it is virtually immediate.
Thanks mikedt. I've tried restarting and powering off and leaving off overnight but the problem persists. I've used various apps to check signal strength and quality and the numbers are very similar to other devices used in the same location. Although the tablet isn't exactly ancient there have been no updates for some time now. Unfortunately looks like I'll just have to live with the problem.
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