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S3 - 4.65Gb of Storage Seems to be Missing

I have a Galaxy S3 GT-I9300 which supposedly has 16Gb of storage.

However, when I use any file explorer or system info app I appear to have only 11.35Gb of storage..........so where is the other 4.65Gb of storage?

The Android System Info app shows Internal Memory to be 11622.63Mb.

I have deliberately not yet moved any apps to the SD card until I understand what is happening.

Does anyone know what the problem is? Is it an Android problem or a Samsung Galaxy S3 problem?

Couple of things here. 16 GB is not really 16 GB.

Hardware manufacturers use 1000 MB = 1 GB. This isn't true though. 1024 MB = 1 GB, which is how software recognises it.

1024 B in 1 KB
1024 KB in 1 MB
1024 MB in 1 GB

but hardware manufacturers swap all those 1024s for 1000s. This is the same as your computer HDD, your SD card etc.

There is simple maths to do to work out how much file space you have.

Take the advertised size (16GB) and divide it by 1024 3 times...

Take that result (1.490116119) and x by 1000 3 times....

Essentially the "internal memory" of the s3 is 14.9 GB

Then as rexpert said, you've got 1.5 GB for /system (android), 1 GB /cache, 11.35 GB /data & /sdcard then the rest is thrown about all the little partitions like recovery etc
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