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Samsung’s Galaxy Note 20 Plus Will Have A Super Zoom A Periscope Camera

Those who have not heard the latest news, it includes the bigger Galaxy Note 20 plus, and they’ll be happy to hear that no 100x Super Zoom arrived for the Galaxy Note 20 camera.
The latest article here is a closer examination.
The Galaxy Note 20 Plus features a new camera-type module, according to new information from the Dutch website GalaxyClub.
It will have Super Zoom’s forthcoming flagship feature but we don’t think it is as ridiculous as Samsung’s 100x Space Zoom app.
We believe this is the right decision, because the return on the digital zoom is dwindled, which is only good enough for a few shots, as the novelty is gone after this.
There is no proof as well that this periscope camera is being delivered by the smaller Galaxy Note 20.
Since GalaxyClub does not refer to the other models, it is possible, and it would not be surprising, that it could remain exclusive to Galaxy Note 20 Plus.
This is why the Galaxy Note 20 Plus uses a 120 Hz LTPO screen according to previous studies, while a 60 Hz LTPS display can only be used in the base model.
In addition, the Galaxy Note 20 Plus may only be the edition of the two which is supplied with a 108MP camera, whereas that sensor may not be supported by the smaller model.
However, as the new study addresses a “special” camera, it is likely that a lot of elements can differentiate the module from the Galaxy Note 20 Plus in the Galaxy S20 Ultra.


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