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Samsung A30 constant updates eating all my storage


Jul 15, 2020
I purchased a Samsung A30 last year and installed all the apps I need and a few games, I am finding that the constant updates are eating away at all my storage space, in only a few months I need to reset my phone back to factory and restore all my data to get back the lost space.

I reset my phone last week and after restoring my data and updating everything to the latest version, I had nearly 19gigs free but a week of updates later and I have just over 12gigs.

There's something seriously wrong here! It's as though the update files for every update are being stored hidden somewhere. I can't think of any other reason why my space is being lost so fast, it is all down to the constant updates and the way they're handled.

Can anyone explain why this is and or can I do anything to fix this issue without having to reset my phone every few months to recover the space that should not ever have been lost?

I did not notice this issue with my old Android 4 LG phone with only 1.5gigs storage.

EDIT: I have a 64gig SD card and keep everything I can on it, photo's etc., I even use App manager III to move all apps and games possible to the SD card.
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First off, it is unwise to have apps on the SD card for a few reasons, so I (and others) recommed against that.

But for now, let's address the question.

What exactly is being updated?

Some apps need to be updated, some do not.

Some apps will get updated to a point where you or your device won't want them anymore.

There is a saying, "Don't update software that is working perfectly!"

This is a modern take on, "If it isn't broke, don't fix it."

I am running three devices, and have designated Saturdays as the day that I update and clean out my devices.
I have found that there are multiple apps that are better off left alone, so long as there is nothing wrong with them.

You also need to do a few proactive things.

Check your storage. Try to keep the internal storage to around 70% (or less).


Now go to:


And scroll through to see if there are any apps you don't use enough to warrant them taking up space.
Select the Storage of each one.
Clear the data first,,then Uninstall.

Now, go to:

Internal Shared Storage or Phone
Other Apps

tap the 3 dot menu (upper right on my device)

Select Sort By Size

This will bring up all the apps that you put onto the device, with the largest on top.

Check each one, and look for large caches. Clear them when you find them.

After you are done with this, go back to the 'Internal Shared Storage' page and go through each option, like Games.

Look for caches.

This is a good time to find exactly what apps are being pigs.

Most apps, when used, will start building up caches again, so keep in mind which ones are the worst offenders.

Next, get a small, fast browser. This one is very customizeable, fast, and secure.


(Lightning has a feature that will clear the cache when you close the app)

Get rid of any social media apps, and bookmark the sites into the browser.

In fact, any app that just takes you to a website can be delt with like this.

This can save an incredible amount of space, and save a ton of balony with updates.

Sometimes the sites are not quite as slick as the apps, but you will be more secure, you will have more space, and you will have less updates.

After all this, you might have enough space cleared out to move those apps on the SD card back onto the device.

If not, then depending on your selection of apps, you might want a secondary device.

I have a few, actually.
I use one for streaming music (it is old and cant do too much else), one for media, and one is my actual cellphone.

A $40 device that is only on Wi-Fi can free up a good deal of space.

You can even put an SD card in it, and have even more storage.

I use NitroShare to transfer files between devices wirelessly.

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