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Samsung Fascinate Take Apart Guide


We have just finished our take apart video guide for the Samsung Fascinate. We go through the process step by step and provide details of which tools are required. We had a lot of people requesting this who needed to replace parts to repair their phone, and it may also be of interest for those who are simply interested in seeing "what's under the hood".

You can view our guide here - Samsung Fascinate Touch Screen Digitizer and LCD Screen Repair Guide

Please let us know if you have any questions or recommendations for improving the guide.

Hope it helps.

Paul Weatherley
This written repair guide is also a great complement to our video guide and insure a safe repair on your Fascinate is made.

This guide will help you to install the following Samsung Fascinate part(s):
  • Samsung Fascinate LCD and Touch Screen Replacement part

Tools Required:
  • Safe open pry tool
  • Small Phillips

Samsung Fascinate LCD and touch screen digitizer repair guide:
  • First is to remove the back cover from the phone then remove the battery and the memory card.
  • Then use Small Phillips Screwdriver to remove the 6 Phillips screw as shown at the figure 1.


Figure 1​
  • Using safe pry tool, gently pry of all the side of the phone to remove the back bezzel from the phone.
  • Next, use safe pry tool to release the screen ribbon from the motherboard as shown at figure 2.


Figure 2​
  • Using a safe open pry tool, carefully pry up the front glass screen from the unit. Note that the glass screen will be adhered to the unit all along the sides with an adhesive material and you may have to use a hot air gun / hair-dryer before prying up the front glass screen.
  • Once the screen is ease off from the screen, you can now pry off the buttons at the bottom of the screen. Gently pry it off as it is held with a little adhesive to avoid from being damaged.


    Figure 3​
  • The Fascinate is now disassembled and you can replace the damaged part(s) with new ones.

Reverse the instructions above to reassemble your phone.
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