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Samsung Galaxy Ace - Big Disappointment


Dec 28, 2011
This phone has been a disappointment from day one. Turns itself off (and sometimes on again). Battery lasts about 4 hours, 2 if the phone is used. The placement of the End Call button means that if I smile, the heat from my cheek will disconnect my call! Sometimes the phone turns off when the call is ended, whether by me or the other party. I sent it in under warranty after just a month or two, got it back saying there was water damage and so no repairs will be done. The only time the phone was even near water was when it started to rain while I was on the phone, so I ended the call and put the phone in my bag. Seriously, the hint of a couple of raindrops caused all these problems? I doubt it. I have read other reviews online (after purchase, of course), and I think this is just a poorly-made product. I chose Samsung because I was very happy with a netbook I'd purchased several months before, but after the first year was up the screen broke and the powercord stopped charging. So maybe Samsung is just a poor brand. It's obviously well-designed, just seems to never have been tested in the real world. After all, I love everything about the phone except actually relying on it to work as a phone. Very very disappointing product.
2 hours is too less of time even by android standards
When you receive a call and you are talking, the proximity sensor should disable the touchscreen so even if you laugh heartily call shouldn't end .
I dont think water damage occurs by few rain drops .(considering I drench my phone every single time it rains )
Unless you bathe the phone completely in water ,water damage shouldn't be detected .
Did you grab the neck of the guy who sold you the phone ?
Chances are you received a faulty piece at the very beginning .
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