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Samsung Galaxy Ace - Gallery Issue


Aug 26, 2011
Am having an issue with the Gallery in the phone.

I have copied many images from my computer to the phone via USB.
Got two problems related to each other, probably :
1. FileManager shows the files though. But takes long time to open & view it. Tried with the inbuilt My Files & some other FileMangers

2. When open Gallery, dont see those files. I tried restarting the phone, but no luck. The folders just dont update. At times even the existing files turn just a black image.

Searched around on the net & will give it a try using ScanMedia app.
But still would like to know if any existing users have faced this problem or can anyone suggest me a work-around.

Thanks guys for the reply.
Am sure.. Its not cause of my memory card. Its of a good quality. A 8gb card.
I tried installing QuickPic viewer. And each & every pic is showing up. Its slim, light weight, very fast & a great substitute for the default phones Gallery anytime.
Am highly recommending, if anyone of you have not downloaded it yet. Search for QuickPic in the market.
Though the problem still persists. Some pix & folders are not yet updated in the Gallery view. I have removed some pix, but still they show up as a black image when viewed through the Gallery.
QuickPic is just perfect..!! Am loving it..
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