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Help samsung galaxy s3 audio issue on some apps (netflix, twc t.v.)


Dec 24, 2012

my wife and i just purchased the s3 with the new jelly bean system and used to have the mesmerize. the problem that were both having is when we downloaded the netflix app and the time warner cable live t.v, app they both play the video but there is no sound at all you can adjust your media volume and still nothing. we un-installed and re-installed both apps and still the same problem on both phones. so i downloaded a radio app and it plays just fine so its not a phone speaker issue. has anyone else had this problem and how do u fix it? i have called samsung and netflix and have been told there are no alerts so they will get back to me.
I run netflix and hulu on my S3 with jellybean and it works fine with sound. So it's not a system wide issue. If it was you can be sure they would be all over it as netflix and hulu are pretty popular apps.

I would go into those two apps and try to clear their caches and see if that helps. If it doesn't I am not certain what to do next. There are some caches you can clear from the phone in service mode but I do not remember how to access them.
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