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samsung galaxy tab gt-p1010


Dec 26, 2011
hi all im a newbie to the tab. i have rooted it with z4root. im sure that this has been addressed but i could not find it easily. i am wanting to update my tab to the latest version. i see 2 versions i believe which is the honeycomb and the gingerbread. im not sure which i should do. can someone either tell me which i should upgrade to and or point me in the right direction? please and thank you.
Please DO NOT flash any of the ROMs or anything not specifically for the GT-P1010!! There are many ROMs, kernels, and firmware upgrades for the 3G version of the Original Galaxy Tab GT-P1000. If you flash any of those to your WiFi only Tab, you will surely BRICK it. Please be careful as a lot of people have ruined their WiFi only Galaxy Tabs by flashing stuff meant for the 3G version.

Someone is working on CWM for the GT-P1010 over on xda. I'll look for it and get you the link. This is the most development I've seen for the GT-P1010 since I bought it earlier this year.
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