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Samsung Galaxy Talk Assistant trouble


Jul 22, 2013
.Have a Samsung galaxy 3g boost mobile android. I wish I can give you other specifics but I cannot unlock my phone. Last night was going over my settings and by mistake I happened to click on talk assistant for people that are hearing impaired. When I saw what I did, I pressed the lock key down like I always do, and talk assistant instructed me to press twice and hold down lock key. I did that at least 30 times, and it will not allow me to go into phone, I cant even turn the phone off. Can someone help me with this problem? I don't know what do to because it is not allowing me to even get into the phone to disable it. HELP...
If you want to factory reset, and Im not advocating you do so right away, you can pull the battery then put it back in and press and hold camera button volume up and power til you get stock recovery then do factory reset.

If this is the galaxy prevail as my colleague has indicated.

I Think I recall someone in the prevail forum with that trouble a long time back let me check.
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