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Samsung Glx 3 - help with email pls

Hi folks,
I've got my hotmail and yahoo accounts set up on my phone.
On the ipone, it searched on the server for 'sent' emails, but doesn't seem to do the same on the android.
I.e. i send emails on both by computer and samsung, and sometimes i want details off the emails i sent via the compuiter, but can't seem to get them...
Am i missing something?
OP, what app are you using for those accounts? If it's the stock email (non-Gmail) app, I don't believe that it's designed as a high end email client. It's been a few years since I've used it, but I think it's almost an afterthought as the Gmail app is what gets the focus (again, assuming that's what you're using).
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I can't help you with yahoo as I've never used it. But for Hotmail you have to set it up as an exchange server. I'm on an older version of android but this page is how I figured it out. It syncs everything, supports push, contacts, sent, all your folders etc.

Setup push email with Hotmail on Android 2.2 and Android 2.3 (HTC Desire / Nexus One)

edit: Use the settings in that guide to setup your hotmail in the default email app on your phone.
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