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Help Samsung Moment Music Play Questions?.....HELP


Jan 17, 2010
Some time ago there was a thread I think about some using a Moment for musical performance.

I have purchased a Samsung Moment to use as backing
for my vocals should my keyboard fail during a concert.
Unfortunately I have not been able to get it to PLAY a song and STOP till I am ready to proceed with the next item. Is there a App that will allow me to do this or is there any way I can programme the MOMENT to do this? :thinking:

Why wouldn't you just buy a small netbook and run WinAmp on it instead of a cell phone? Sounds much more logical for what you're trying to do...

Hi Thanks for the reply....I actually have 3 netbooks for stage & backup running winamp. But I was reading about an APP for Itunes called Bactrax and just thought if there was something like it on the Driod units.It's designed specifically for gigging musicians.
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Yes, I was using the 2.1 beta that was hacked, yesterday flashed the official Sprint 2.1 update. I've noticed considerable longer battery life (though I haven't installed all my old apps, so maybe one of them was sucking my battery before) and it seems just a bit snappier. I think it's worth the 1/2 hour it takes to complete the process for sure.
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