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Samsung S3 Screen is black with fuzzy colors


Android Question

I have a verizon Samsung Galaxy S3. I dropped it yesterday (not a hard fall, just fell out of my pocket onto the floor), and the screen instantly stopped working. Initially it was black with distorted colors such as blue, red, and green. Now, however, about 12 hours later, when I turn on my phone the screen is just black and then has blue in some places.

Last night I put the phone in rice, afraid that for whatever reason it had water damage from the snow (the water damage check by the battery does not show any water damage). I am not sure if this is why my phone is now only showing blue and black instead of black with red, green, and blue.

The phone turns on as well as the button lights, it is just the screen that is not working. What is wrong with my phone and how can I fix it? I do not have warranty on this phone anymore.
Most likely mechanical damage from the fall - just bad luck of how it landed. If you are lucky it may be as simple as a cable being loosened slightly, but without taking the phone apart there is no way of telling exactly what is wrong.

It wouldn't be a warranty issue anyway - warranties cover manufacturing faults, but not accidental damage.
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