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Help Samsung S3_Trying to backup Gallery but frozen screens & Kies not connecting

ok so chances are a factory reset is needed...But before that do the following.

1 go to the stock phone app when there go to phone settings choose import/export export to sd card...this will make a vcf file which is a backup of contacts.

2 just transfer your pics/videos to sdcard and/or to pc

3 if ya already dont have it set up but in the camera app you can have pics/videos saved to sdcard..which is what i do incase of phone malfunctions.
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Yes, I've tried to access Gallery and My Files both with and without the SD Card in the phone with no success.

I just attempted to connect to a variant of Kies Air called Wondershare MobileGo Android (because I can't find Kies Air on Google Play). The phone connected and was recognized, but MobileGo didn't load any files/photos. I figure it's because the WiFi on the phone keeps dropping out.

Will keep trying and welcome any other suggestions in the meantime.
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